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7 Traits of Great Entrepreneurs you must Develop

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Leadership can be defined as the art of inspiring and motivating a group of people towards achieving a sizable goal or objective.

When we see leadership through the business perspective, the definition remains pretty much the same. 

Just the group of people gets replaced by your employees or a team which is again the same thing.

Well, whatever the domain may be the term “leadership” always stands for sleek management and the benefits that come out of it.

The skills, knowledge, or deftness required to become a sustainable leader are not inherited in an individual from the start, they have to be acquired by consisting practice and efforts.

We all know about the mega-corporation Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and about its commendable leadership.

One thing that needs to be highlighted here is that he was not a born leader he strived for it in the journey and the experiences made him a better leader.

He had a theory about what separates a great leader from the rest.

Here are some points that you must develop as an entrepreneur

  • No excuses allowed for failure

It’s a human tendency to put the blame on others for the failure.

Many individuals around the world believe that the main reason for the failure is not at their hands and is on external forces and specifically on the external people.

For example,

Suppose you want to reach a destination that is 40 minutes away from your house by cab and you booked the cab for your destination 45 minutes before.

Now, suddenly the cab faces an engine issue halfway to the destination and you are stranded on the street as there is no other cab at the instance.

In this case, the mistake is not the cab engine’s failure but yours as you have not booked the cab a little earlier as that way you wouldn’t be late in reaching the destination.

  • Not relying on others

Let’s take a simple local example for this.

Suppose, you are the manager of a company and you got a marketing campaign for an important client.

But you choose to pass that job to your junior and he/she somehow messed up that campaign.

Now here the responsibility relies completely on you as a manager and not your junior as you passed on your job to him/her.

“Great leaders don’t completely rely on anyone and are always prepared for the best.”

These are the two important traits that great leaders follow in their life that drives them towards success.

  • Power to face hardships

Entrepreneur’s journey is filled with many ups and downs that shake their every strategy and plan chart to the core.

Moreover, there are not many ups to say at the start of the entrepreneurial journey and every individual must have the patience and resilience to hardships.

This quality of sailing in the storm will help you to become stronger and more experienced in the journey towards becoming a great entrepreneur.

  • Passionate about the process

Resilience to hardships becomes even more accurate when you are very passionate about the process and ready to be on the right path without any hesitance.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focussing on what excites you” 

Oprah Winfrey

Passion drives you to your goal no matter whatever may be the circumstances and brings you all the strength to keep going.

  • Farfetched Entrepreneurial Vision

 Most of the entrepreneurs out there are facing a hard time maintaining their business growth with their strategic implementation.

The vision includes some important points such as what you want your business to become, the direction or path you want it to roll in, and the values as well as culture you want it to surround it with.

  • Flexibility in the workflow

Entrepreneurs must be flexible to take on different processes with ease and enthusiasm. 

A leader who is flexible has the ability to take on the world with a vision of the people around him/her such as the team members and business partners.

  • Ability to take risks

An entrepreneur must inhabit the ability to take risks and make bold decisions in the favor of a business. 

Now, taking risks doesn’t imply that you take any decisions rationally, rather you must have the research and analysis behind the decisions, making decisions accordingly.


The above traits are the ones that every entrepreneur must inhabit in order to make things going in the right direction and as smooth as it can be.