Intelligent tracking of all your inventory items right from the manufacturers to inventories, and from inventories to the point of sale.

ChiefEx inventory – Simple solutions to your complex problems


  • Effective order management

Easily manage both online and offline inventories in a single software.

  • Real-time tracking of items

Never miss out on crucial information on your inventory.

Track every item in your inventory with the product ID, item type, stock.

Easy access to insights such as product shipment, expiry, etc.

  • Import item records to the list

Add more items to your list with the help of few clicks.

  • Connect more than one inventories 

Connect your software with multiple inventories at a time.

Get access to real-time insights from all the inventories at your fingertips.

  • Easily export the inventory data

A hassle-free download of inventory data such as stock, packages, items with few clicks.

  • Set a trigger level on minimum item quantity

Get a reminder when your inventory is low and an automated email is sent to the vendor when the item level reaches the trigger.

A flawless inventory management process with ChiefEx

  • Boost in efficiency and productivity

  • Automated workflow

  • Cost optimization and a firm grip on your finances

Get control of your entire inventory at your fingertips.

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