Software that takes care of all your business requirements.

Managing contacts made simple

Add or remove the contacts of your company, investors, vendors, etc and easily keep the records updated, safe, and intact.

Also, access it whenever you need it by simply choosing the category from above or just by inputting the name.

All the leads at fingertips

Save time by following up leads right inside the ChiefEx cloud software without having to juggle between the apps.

Get your hands on the data to every single communication you had with your contacts.

Then use this data for your marketing campaigns and close more deals than ever.

Know how much & where your inventory 

Never wait for your crucial data again.

Get access to the real-time data of your inventory such as:

  • Low inventory
  • Excess inventory
  • Inventory that has the highest sales
  • Orders

Ease your sales and purchase 

Your sales and purchase team can easily access the crucial data from a humongous pile of company’s insights.

Let it be a purchase inquiry, purchase orders, sales quotations, sales return and so much more we got it covered for you.

Automate your accounting

Stop investing time in making and sending bills, recurring invoices, quotations as the ChiefEx cloud software takes care of this with automation.

Also, access all your business, marketing emails all in one place.

Do more with less and make your workflow more productive.

Campaign management

Launch and manage your marketing campaigns with ChiefEx without having to switch from application to application.

Insight dashboard

Get instant access to your business reports with the auto-generation feature.

No need to feed the data in another system and create a report when ChiefEx generates it for you.

Solve the Unsolved business problems with ChiefEx

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