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A robust ERP software for manufacturing industry

This is a detailed article associated with the manufacturing industry that covers everything right from it’s history, challenges, and the role of ERP manufacturing software in solving the same.
You will receive a brief insight on the subject through a cumulative and structured set of topics.

The framework of the article is as follows:

What does the term “manufacturing” imply?
History of the manufacturing industry
What are the challenging factors that are faced in the manufacturing industry?
How does ChiefEx ERP software solve problems for the manufacturing industry?
So, without any further adieu, let’s start with the first part of the framework.

What does the term “Manufacturing” imply?

The manufacturing process is a journey of raw material transforming into a final product. We wish the actual process was as short and simple as the description.
But, unfortunately it’s not. The process of manufacturing includes a lot of tasks, implementation, and management care by various skilled professionals.
Apart from this, it also requires the tools, workforce, machinery and other similar requirements that are crucial for moving forward efficiently in the manufacturing process.
Thus, it becomes vital for implementing a robust management software such as ERP in the manufacturing industry that takes care of every process throughout the enterprise.
To get a more closer look at the industry, let’s go a little back in history and observe the evolution of the manufacturing workflow structure.

History of manufacturing industry

The first complete manufacturing unit was adopted by Britain at the very beginning of the industrial revolution, in the late 18th century. This industrial revolution later escalated around the world.
If we talk about the earliest era of the technology, we can say there were no heavy machinery, high-tech gadgets, or factory units for mass production of products. The entire manufacturing workflow structure relied on the hands of the skilled professionals.
But, with the development of the human race and the rising demands in the market, technology too observed a drastic growth in its progression.
Now, it was not possible for the skilled individuals to meet the demands of such a huge part of the population in a dynamic manner. This massive increase in people’s demand triggered the need for inventing a production unit, or we can say a manufacturing unit.
In the modern technology driven world, the manufacturing industry is quite vast and is expected to increase further. In addition to this, there is cut-throat competition in the market constantly buzzing around the business.

According to a business survey,

Managing the business workflow in such a massive industry is quite a difficult task, and definitely requires the use of certain skill sets along with technical softwares such as ERP, designed for the manufacturing industry to maintain a seamless business ecosystem.
Especially for an enterprise that has more than one production unit, the level of complication increases with the increase in the level of units.
Thus, for keeping the enterprise ecosystem in a streamlined flow of consistent business, it’s vital to identify the pain points of the manufacturing industry.
Let’s take a look at the challenging factors that are faced in the manufacturing industry for a broader prospect towards curating a result based solution.

What are the challenging factors that are faced in the manufacturing industry?

There are various challenges that can hinder the workflow of manufacturing business, and thus the areas that are covered ahead will provide you with crisp and precise knowledge as well as help you with the right ERP solution for the manufacturing industry.

1. Production and Planning

This section of the manufacturing industry is the largest section comprising numerous inventories along with a number of workforce and team leaders.
The job of this department is to set targets and rules for each and every phase of the production process. The tasks also include keeping an eye on the quality and quantity of the manufactured products.
In simple words, the production and planning requires you to execute the workflow, monitor it and make changes accordingly.
Thus for a smooth production planning, management of inventory and the streamlining of the workforce with the tasks, you require a robust software such as ERP manufacturing system that contributes to the seamless production and planning.

2. Sales and Purchase

The sales and purchase are the two different sections of the manufacturing industry that play a vital role in generating the revenue for the business and maintaining it to the optimal at the same time.
The purchasing department has the duty to ensure the availability of all the materials, components, and the types of equipment that will be required for the production process.
On the other hand, the sales department pushes the manufactured product towards the potential audience. So that they buy the manufactured product.
Now, both departments have tons of manual tasks that if automated can make the outcome more as desired and the process more productive.
Thus, an automated ERP software that automates every process for the manufacturing industry has to be implemented to make the process more flawless and efficient.

3. Inventory

The core responsibility of the inventory department is to maintain the product life cycle, its availability as well as maintaining the stock of a particular product depending on the demand in the market.
But the stocks in the inventory always fluctuate when there is an unreliable source.
Due to this reason, there arises the need to move the goods and raw materials from one inventory to another. So, it becomes crucial to keep the track of delivery and complete details of the shipment.
To manage such a situation, you need to have an automated system that not only reminds you of the inventory stock for replenishment, but also provides you with the details of the goods delivery, if it needs to be transported from one inventory to another.

4. Accounts and Finance

The cash flow across an enterprise increases in parallel with the growth of the company. So, as the organization starts to grow the accounts team starts to feel the immense pressure of handling bills, invoices, and other financial matters.
Maintaining data on the company’s investment and the funds remaining with the company is a part of the job of the accounts department. Also, the budget approval for any expenses required by the company goes through the accounts team, making the job more tedious for the accounts and finance team.
Having a manual approach for every task mentioned above makes the process time consuming and less productive, affecting the growth of the enterprise in the long run.
There are other areas as well that face the wrath of challenges in a manufacturing industry but the most prominent ones are as mentioned above.
Now as you know the most challenging areas, let’s see the ChiefEx ERP solution for the manufacturing industry.

ChiefEx ERP solution for the manufacturing industry

1. Contact management
2. Lead management
3. Production management
4. Order management

5. Supply chain management
6. Inventory management
7. Automated marketing
8. All in one application

9. Sales and purchase management
10. Automation for accounts and finance

How does ChiefEx ERP software solve problems for the manufacturing industry?

Managing a business in the manufacturing industry is way more complicated than it seems. It’s necessary that you should be aware of every minute detail and aspects of your organization for a smoother workflow.
A cloud ERP handles the manufacturing process flow quite effortlessly and has every required capabilities of managing your inbound procedure with total ease. ChiefEx is one such powerful and smooth management system that understands the requirements of your organization, providing a 360 – degree solution for the same.
This exceptional ERP technology can do wonders for your manufacturing business by empowering the manufacturers to keep the operation running efficiently by transforming the business ecosystem of the enterprise through automation.
Designed to eliminate the pain points of the manufacturers, ChiefEx ERP is capable of meeting all your business needs.