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Modern ERP software for Professional services

When we hear about the term “ERP” (Enterprise Resource Planning), the first thought that comes across most of our minds is, it’s the system made only for the manufacturing industry.
But the fact suggests quite the opposite of it.

As per the business survey,

64% of the professional service enterprises use ERP to streamline their workflow and promote productivity.
It’s a strange phenomenon that even now some of the enterprises are relying on the traditional methods such as spreadsheets for managing their overall business workflow.
No need to mention that these practices are not only old but trivial for achieving the desired business goal in the current market scenario.
The resistance of professional service industries to ERP software might be due to the reason that it was derived early for the manufacturing industry and also the baseless rumours in the market, suggesting it is not quite suitable for other industries.
Although, the invention of ERP was made for solving the crucial issues of the manufacturing industry, with the development of technology it got modified for serving the other industries as well, including the professional services industry.

Now, the core functionality of every business relies on the common base factor and that is finance, account, human resource, sales and purchasing, contact and lead management.
Thus, for smoothening the business workflow, a modern ERP software suitable for professional services needs to be deployed at the organization.
ERP system proves to be a great solution for the growing professional service industry as it automates every process of the enterprise along with providing a centralized hub for an effective collaboration between the various teams.
But before implementing an professional service ERP system, it’s crucial to find a precise solution to your business problems by analyzing the challenges that come in the pathway.
So, let’s explore the challenges of the business that you may have encountered in the past or are experiencing right now for which you need a solution.

What are the challenges faced by a professional service sector? How can we overcome it?

The best ERP solution for professional services is the one that helps in dropping the trajectory of challenges down the line in your business growth.
Following are the common challenges faced by the professional service industries.

1. Lead generation to lead acquirement

More than getting a consistent flow of leads for your business, managing them is the most difficult part and also, is the deciding factor for lead conversion.
Implementing suitable ERP software is the first step towards your successful business management.
But many organizations that are offering professional services fail to understand the power of ERP software and the role it plays right from the initial stage of lead inquiry to the conversion stage.
You need to keep track of every information associated with the leads such as the geographical area, likeliness of converting, contact information and other minute details.
Now, if your enterprise fails to do the above tasks in a systematic manner, this might act as a barrier in your path towards lead conversion.
Thus, in this situation ERP software can help you simplify and streamline the lead management process. It has the capability to monitor and analyze the data, providing crucial insights for conversions.
In simple words, the process of managing leads and progress towards more conversion with the right professional services ERP software becomes seamless.

2. Saying bye to manual tasks

In this modern and digital business environment, it’s crucial for the business to eliminate every manual task and opt for a simple automation workflow.
Many organizations don’t realize the time and money they are losing by managing their business processes manually.
These unaccounted time that is invested in the repetitive tasks can be invested in other crucial aspects of the business growth. Thereby, experiencing more productivity and higher efficiency in the overall enterprise workflow.
An automated business system is vital for the professional service industries not only from the competition aspect but also plays a crucial role in the survival strategy of the business.
A well structured automated business system such as ChiefEx reduces the time spent on routine, administrative, and accounting tasks. Thus promoting time management across every sector of the enterprise.

3. Knowledge of using the right software

You must be familiar with the saying “It is important to be present at the right place at the right time”. Well, this is much relatable to the organization’s workflow.
For an enterprise to run the business smoothly, it’s important to identify the market, analyze your competitors, how to choose and use the right software to extract maximum output from the efforts.
Many organizations are in the wrong dilemma that using the customer management system alone can simplify their business, and streamline every process associated with it.
Customer management systems surely will help you in achieving some optimum results but are not much feasible in the long run.
Thus, making use of modern ERP software for your professional service business will provide your organization with a 360-degree support in the workflow.
This will help you in achieving your business goals and objectives in the long run, pushing your enterprise in the direction of sustainable performance.

4. Precise automated accounting

When your enterprise is on the path of growth you are sure to observe impactful changes in your organization workflow. This changes includes surges in invoices, bills and the overall financial flow of the business.
Also, the stimulation of the growth in the digital front will add up to the revenue and finances of the enterprise.
Every process associated with the business finance and accounts needs to be managed efficiently along with a faster pace for staying ahead of the competition in the market.
Now, this can be done only when the finance and account workflow is well automated and thus for professional service industries implementing an ERP automation software such as ChiefEx is vital for a seamless business experience.

More than just an ERP software for professional services

ChiefEx, a complete enterprise solution provides 360-degree assistance to all professional service providers. Let it be in managing contacts, sales, purchase, accounting and much more, ChiefEx covers it all.
When you use such automation features and exceptional capabilities the task of managing your business becomes seamless.
The fact that ChiefEx doesn’t provide you with only an precise ERP business software but understands your problems and thus curates an effective solution that suits your organization, makes it different from its peers in the market.
The mantra that ChiefEx follows is quite simple and that is exploring the problems of the given business to the minute level, create a detailed report about it and then help that industry to fill the gap towards reaching their goal.

“Business is all about providing a solution, not just selling the product” – Dennis Weaver We absorb this in our work ethics, delivering effective solutions not just an ERP.