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At present, industries aspire to increase their radius and provide services on a global level, simultaneously raising their profitability. To attain these aspirations industries often face a very hard time.

It’s certain that every industry struggles through these hardships to meet their targets. But this is most common to the industries that are in the field of providing professional services.

The elemental essence of this industry is constantly increasing competition in the market. This causes organizations to infuse the best business solutions, forecasting and analyzing near future requirements, and optimize costs with respect to the competition.

For this reason, exploring persistent revenue generation opportunities becomes very vital to survive and stay ahead of the competition.

Every complexity of a professional service organization can be managed very efficiently, with a modern business application. Right from the client’s project management to finance management, every minute details can be handled better with the right solution.

One such solution is the cloud-based ERP system. Many professional service companies might not be aware of an ERP system or are just assuming that this system is suitable for only manufacturing industries.

It is true that most of the ERP system companies have developed their software keeping manufacturing companies in mind. But this exceptional technology offers a wide range of functionalities, that can be implemented to the professional service sector as well.

The professional service sector has a selected set of requirements than the manufacturing industry. However, important functions like accounts, finance, human resource, sales and purchasing are common to all industries.

It’s very strange that some of this industry still makes use of spreadsheets for manually recording the transactions and the company’s expenses. This method of work is prone to human errors and any such errors can prove to be a major loss for the organization.

ERP system proves to be a helping hand in this situation by implementing various capabilities along with automation to the process. There are various such features of ERP that can help the professional service sector to a greater extent.

But to solve and find a solution to the challenge, first we have to understand it.


What are the challenges faced by a professional service sector? How it can be overcomed?

1. Lead generation to lead acquirement.

Many professional services providing organizations fail to use the required software to maintain a lead, right from the inquiry stage to the final stage of conversion.

Organizations need to have all the info related to leads like their geographical area, the likeliness of converting, position in a company and various other parameters.

Lack of the above knowledge will act as a wall in the path towards lead conversion.

An ERP system is capable of managing this data, and provide a complete analysis of the data beneficial for lead acquirement. So you carry out the follow-ups of your lead with ease based on the data provided by the system.

2. Saying bye to manual tasks.

Most of the industries are unaware of how much time they are loosing to manual tasks. This unaccounted time invested in the tedious manual process could be invested somewhere more productive.

An automated business system is a perfect solution for an organization’s growth and productivity. The time spent on various routine, administrative, accounting work will be reduced and will also promote time management.

A cloud-based ERP system is one such system that can eliminate all the manual processes of the organization. These will allow the organizations to take effective decisions leaving the spare time for quality research.

3. knowledge of using the right tool.

You must be familiar with the saying “To be present at the right place and at the right time”. Well, it’s true and could be applied to your organization.

To identify where to compete, how to choose and use the right tool for your organization justifies the saying.

Many organizations opt for a CRM system and have seen a significant increase in their business. Although the CRM system proves beneficial to the organization, using it alone is just not enough.

An automated ERP solution that covers all the requirements of the business must be adopted to see a visible difference. ERP solution assists the organization in automating tasks, predict cost on future projects and much more with much ease.

4. Precise billing.

Organizations are sure to take a leap in the path of success, with all the changes implemented to the organization. This also sees a surge in invoices, bills, and other financial work.

With the stimulation of growth in the digital front, there will be a boost in finances. The implementation of a modern business system becomes vital due to this reason.

An automated billing software is one such system that will help you to smoothen your workflow and increase productivity.


More than just an ERP system

Chiefex, a complete ERP solution provides 360-degree assistance to all the professional service providers. Let it be in managing contacts or sales or purchase or accounting, chiefex covers it all.

Managing your business with our automation feature and exceptional capabilities is now an easy task. Chiefex understands your needs and provides a solution that suits your organization.

Never juggle from application to application for your different business requirements, as this demands ample time and efforts that can be invested elsewhere. Chiefex solves this issue by meeting every management need of an organization.

Chiefex minutely studies every industry and creates a detailed report of it. This gives us a clear view of the industry’s requirements and helps us to implement an effective solution.


Business is all about providing a solution, not just selling the product”– Dennis weaver

We absorb this in our work ethics, delivering effective solutions not just an ERP.


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