Everything you need to know about business process automation

Escalate your business through process automation

Business process automation is an analogy that revolves around the system used for simplifying the workflow of an enterprise into a streamline and well organized routine.
In a simpler language, it can be stated as an exceptional piece of technology aimed at eliminating the manual tasks in your business, thereby minimizing enterprise cost, boosting efficiency, and productivity.

Although this technology has been doing rounds for quite a long time, there are some misconceptions prevailing among businesses, regarding this concept.
The first thought that comes across most people’s minds is, this technology is created for replacing humans in the field.
Well, it is true to a certain extent, but it depends upon the type of automation used and the market field where it is implemented.
For example, the automation used in the term “Business Process automation” and “industrial Automation” is separated by a very fine line.
Business process automation is used for fast-tracking unproductive business processes under contact management, lead management, inventory management, bills, invoices and much more.
Industrial automation is replacement of physical human labour of the manufacturing industry. Both the terminologies seem to be quite similar but are different as far as their implementation and processing are concerned.
Business process automation makes the enterprise workflow transparent, flawless, most importantly swift and efficient.

How does Business Process Automation impact your enterprise growth?

Many of you still might be in the dilemma that if business process automation is the thing your enterprise needs at the moment.
Well, we understand the hesitation as it’s been making rounds in the market, only recently.
Also, you must have come across various rumours such as it’s expensive, not worth the time and many similar things. The rumours could be considered true if we were talking about it a decade ago.
Back then the software was not only expensive but the process of implementing it was also quite tedious, irrespective of the expertise of your IT team.
But, today the process of installing and implementing the system to your enterprise is quite simple and also inexpensive.
One of such impactful systems is ChiefEx Cloud ERP that not only automates the process but also streamlines it for smooth and efficient performance.
As your tasks are automated, you can be more focussed on building growth strategies for the business and expanding it to newer horizons.
Implementation of cloud automation systems of such capabilities will benefit your organization in the following way:

It will add more value to your work

Automated processes help your employees to generate more time for strategizing and planning towards the growth of the enterprise.

Happy and Satisfied employees

When your business workflow is automated various tasks are fast-tracked saving your valuable time. This will boost the employees morale and let them work with full efficiency towards organization growth.

Minimal Human error

When you operate your tasks manually, it is bound to get exposed to human errors. Such errors sometimes get unnoticed for a longer period of time affecting the enterprise growth pace.
Automating tasks minimizes the gap for human errors and thus leads the organizations towards efficiency and productive results.

Smooth Collaboration

The need for effective and dynamic workflow is a crucial part of every enterprise and thus can be achieved very efficiently with the business process automation.

Which areas are most benefited after implementation of the process automation?

The entire business workflow experiences the benefits seamlessly but let’s see the major areas where it’s more prominent.

  • Management of operations
    Managing and maintaining operation areas of the enterprise is one of the tedious tasks when done without the help of proper assistance.
    Real-time insights of the operations progress without collaborating with the team leaders seems to be a time consuming job and even after so much effort it is prone to human errors.
    But when you sync the operations with an automation system, it makes your workflow very organized free from any error.
    Also, the job of assigning tasks is very much simplified with the system making the process further more productive.
  • Collaboration between departments
    Getting a required set of information or data from a particular section of the organization is a tough job when you’re physically visiting that section.
    Well, this situation is a time consuming job and displays the lack of collaboration between various departments. This lack of efficient collaboration throughout the enterprise can be dealt with the process automation system, connecting every department on a single individual platform.
    Now with a single platform access, every department is updated with the real-time information of every section thereby promoting efficient collaboration throughout.
  • Bills and invoices follow ups
    Many enterprises still rely on the manual follow up process for the accounts payable which is nothing but the waste of your precious time. Sending emails or paper bills to the customers is not only a difficult job but also prone to errors.
    There is also a chance of forgetting to follow up some customers and then checking on the list again to find out which one. But this can be easily solved with automating the entire process along with the simple tracking.
    So, with the simplification in the billing and invoices section, ample time is saved for the enterprise to concentrate it on other important tasks.
    For fluidity in the cash flow for your enterprise, it’s very important for an upgrade to invoice automation.
  • Lead management
    Lead management is a crucial part in the growth consistency of an enterprise and therefore must have a structured workflow for the execution. Though you may be consistent at incoming traffic leads for your enterprise, it will not be of much use if you are not able to manage and nurture it properly.
    A process automation system can simplify your job by categorizing your leads according to their potentiality. This will make the process easy and thus help you in converting them into customers very efficiently.

The real test of the system is checked in the changing situation with its ability to adapt to the changes in the market. The system needs to be very flexible to any changes that occur in the market.
Having a strong foot in the adaptation front will upgrade your business to the next level along with boosting efficiency and productivity.
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