Humans + AI + cloud ERP = A better business infrastructure

A tenacious combination of humans and AI technology along with cloud ERP
Whether we want it or not the luminous modern technology of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has entered the market, altering our work, and changing our monochrome organizational structure.
The splendid technology changes the way organizations carry their work, stimulating the growth factor to a much greater and larger extent than it was before.
This technology plays a vital role in augmenting and expanding human capabilities along with providing the organization accruing management experience.
AI has the capability of simplifying tasks not only for organizations in the business world but also for our simple or mediocre day-to-day life activities.
Therefore, this billowing technology has raised a concern about it replacing humans.
But this is so not the case as AI technology is for the enhancement of the human capabilities and thus it drives the organization on the path of dynamic growth.
Talking about the organization’s dynamic growth, a sleek management ecosystem is very crucial for fastening the workflow with complete efficiency.
For this purpose, 
The cloud ERP system came into existence and has been the reason behind the success of many renowned mega-enterprises.
Now combining this technology with AI, it’s even easier for humans to carry on the workflow with efficiency and deliver enhanced augmented results.
Human are using AI and Cloud ERP for a better business infrastructure
Many mega enterprises have been using this combination of humans, AI, and cloud ERP to keep their workflow streamlined and increase growth.
The probability of encountering and dealing with mistakes or errors is reduced to a greater extent or even is negligible with AI-powered cloud ERP which is clear sign of boost in productivity.
But still there is a certain void among the SMEs due to various misconceptions circulating in the market or misbeliefs that are stopping them from adopting such marvelous business infrastructure.
Baseless facts about AI-powered Cloud ERP that differs from it’s reality
In this moden digital business world, every individual that is part of this business ecosystem must have come across the term “Cloud ERP”.
The grounds on which enterprises workflow is going on is susceptible to various changes of different sorts in a highly competitive environment.
Thus inorder to survive and crept towards the summit of success, an enterprise needs to adopt the digital technologies into their business.
AI-powered cloud ERP is one of the many breakthrough technologies that is designed to loosen the complexity knots in a business management and boost productivity.
There are various facts that are circulating in the market among the businesses associated to the terminology “Cloud ERP”.
Many of the facts that businesses encounter are true but there are also baseless facts that are doing the rounds in the market which is the reason behind the hesitation of enterprises towards implementing this technology in their business.
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So, let’s clear the misunderstanding that has arised in the market due to such baseless facts and highlight the real side of this efficient technology.
Baseless fact 1: 
AI-powered Cloud ERP has security issues
Data security is an crucial aspect for any business organization irrespective of the niche they are in.
Many businesses prefer to keep their data on-premises rather than storing it on the cloud due to the baseless facts that are quiet prominent in the market.
But in fact, your data will be more secure on the cloud rather on-premise storage. 
The data on the cloud is protected with 

  • Advanced security through tenacious encryptions
  • Security audit on a timely basis
  • Data Penetration tests by the expert security team
  • Easy data recovery

Besides taking care of the security aspect of your business, it also takes care of the management side of the business.
Thus the AI-powered cloud ERP is an ideal security body for enterprise’s data and advanced management framework.
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Baseless Fact 2:
Cloud ERP system is too costly for SMEs
Many SMEs in the market believe that the cost of upgrading to a cloud system is too costly and probably will not fit in their budget.
Well, AI-powered cloud ERP will cost you some amount in the initial stages such as installation and data migration but it will be all worth it in the long run.
This will save you a lots of capital as it doesn’t necessarily require IT expert for it’s operation and there is no hardware to maintain.
As the business is managed efficiently the productivity increases which ultimately leads to cost-efficiency.
The Ai-powered cloud ERP service is available for the enterprises at a subscription based cost which is very economical and flexible.
Baseless Fact 3:
Moving your data to cloud ERP is complex
In the early stages of ERP the data movement or migration was quite a painful job.
The ERP system has advanced much in the recent years combining with the cloud and AI technology making it flawless process of data migration.
Nowadays, the erp system just requires you to input the necessary data and you are good to go.
Once the necessary data is fed to the system it takes care of workflow instantly.
Baseless fact 4:
Only large enterprise requires the AI-powered ERP system
There is a disbelief among the SMEs that the cloud ERP system only serves right to the mega enterprises and is designed considering their framework.
Well, initially the cloud ERP system would not prove of much use to the SMEs but as the business grows and expands cloud ERP becomes more than a necessity.
The streamlining of the workflow wouldn’t be possible without implementing AI-powered cloud ERP system in to the organization.
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Baseless Fact 5:
A non-user-friendly interface
Many enterprise want to opt for the system but are hesitant as they feel that it would be very tedious to manage and handle such a profound system.
But the best feature of a profound system is that it’s easy to use and simple to manage.
Even if you are not aware of the IT standardizations you can easily use, manage and achieve great results for your business with the magnificent cloud ERP system.
You need not necessarily be an IT expert for using the AI-powered cloud ERP system just basics will be enough for the system operation.
Well, this are the 5 baseless facts that are doing the rounds in the market and preventing businesses to explore it’s power for escalating their growth.
Why small and medium businesses needs an AI-powered cloud ERP system, now more than ever?
SMEs have number of things on their plate with a very minimal resources available.
Also, they need to be dynamic with their important decisions as the delay will cause them to lose in such a highly competitive environment.
More than the large enterprises SME’s are in major need of cloud ERP system as they have more number of tasks to complete that too at a faster pace and minimal workforce.
As per the 2019 reports, there are about 42.5 million SMEs in India.
To gain a competitive advantage over your massive number of competitors out there, it’s necessary for the business to work in a swift and efficient manner.
Thus the cloud ERP system comes into the scenario that makes the management part of the business sleek and dynamic which ultimately raises the productivity meter of the enterprise.
Let’s take a look at the benefits of the cloud ERP system as it will give you a broader prospect:

  • Swift decisions based on real-time insights of your business

Cloud ERP systems has the capability to provide accurate real-time insights of your business which helps you in making swift and efficient decisions.
Moreover it lets you identify any error in the production section or any other section of the workflow.
Finances can be easily managed with the real-time insights to the inventory as well.
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  • Tenacious and transparent connection throughout the enterprise

Accessing various data from multiple data centers is not only a tedious and time consuming task to perform but also interferes the productivity part.
Thus cloud ERP system integrates the data from all the departments into centralized database.
This allows various teams to access the data without moving a single muscle which saves much time and boosts productivity.
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  • Automated workflow

Many SMEs contribute much of their time in tasks that do not offer much in terms of productivity.
This tasks includes the billing, recurring, payment reminders, etc.
Cloud ERP automates all of this tasks leaving much time to concentrate on the other important tasks.
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  • Increased productivity

When the collaboration in the organization is seamless and the not so productive tasks are automated, 
productivity of the enterprise escalates at a faster rate and with much more efficiency.
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  • No gaps for human error

With the the combination of humans and AI-powered cloud ERP technology is implemented the gap for error is reduced to a very great extent as it goes through a double check process.

  • All the information on a single dashboard

All the important business insights are presented at a simple and easy to understand dashboard.

  • Access to data anywhere and anytime

The unsaid and most hideous advantage of the cloud ERP is that it gives you the access to all the data even from a remote location.
This feature let’s you work on your business from a remote location with the availability of all the necessary data at your sight.

  • Reduction in operational costs

When you have access to the real-time data it becomes very easy to optimize your business processes as well as strategies to meet your goals which reduces both the administrative as well as operational costs.
Conclusion: The above mentioned are few of the many benefits that can alter the business structure towards the betterment and increase the dynamicity, productivity and efficiency as well throughout the enterprise.
Thus the combination of Humans + AI + cloud ERP can help business grow and manage the workflow seamlessly.
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