Elevators and Escalators

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When we talk about the modes of transportation, we think about buses, cars and many such technologies. But this is utilized on the horizontal paths like roads, bridges only.
With the developing infrastructures, the need for vertical transportation such as elevators and escalators becomes vital.
Invention of elevators was triggered by the utter need to move raw materials like coal from the mountainside.It is an exceptional technology that came into existence for this sole purpose.
Elevators came into existence a long back ago, but the first electric elevator was discovered in Germany, in the year 1880. This invention of the first electric elevator was done by Werner von Siemens. Later escalator was also discovered by W.Reno, in the year 1892.
Further, various development or enhancement like hydraulic technology and growth in the steel industry made this technology more advanced and comfortable to use.
With the increase in population development, the infrastructure moved with a rapid pace. Due to this, the elevator and escalators industry saw a significant increase in the market. This is expected to increase further, due to boost in urbanization, developing real estate sector, number of multi-storey and commercial buildings across the globe.
At present, there are number of companies that provides this service constantly, striving to bring new innovations. But, this alone will not help an organization to reserve a place in the market. Numerous organization face various challenges in managing their inbound work process, which affects organization’s productivity.

Challenges faced by the elevator industry

There are various inbound challenges that an elevator industry struggles to manage and execute.
Let us throw some light on those challenges:

1. Spike in operational costs.

With the increase in competition in the market, operational cost is bound to increase. This gives rise to a race amongst the companies to provide the best services in the market with the best prices.
To handle this challenges, you need to adopt a sleek management system which will help in keeping the expenditure under control.
Operation cost includes everything from and between buying the components and delivering the final product. A complete data of your work, the components used in the process and the components stored in the inventory will guide you to shed the extra costs.
Elevators and escalators industry is booming very vigorously, and so does the competition in the market. Management of operational costs requires an effective ERP solution, which not only infuses savings to your organization, but also opens paths for future benefits.

2. Real-time project data.

Real-time data is the key parameter to infuse growth in the industry. After analyzing this data, organization can take precise and effective decisions.
The main advantage of this is, serving no waiting time. Many industry lacks the system for real-time data analytics, thereby preventing them from taking instant decisions when required.
The analysis without real-time data takes a few days or weeks to obtain the required results. It offers the latest insights promptly, contributing to the growth of the organization.
For example, current data gives you the power to correct issues like, the section of the process consuming unnecessary energy or finding a component that is of not much use to the workflow.
This feature of real-time data contributes to a massive role in the organization’s profits. A cloud based ERP system serves you all the data in real-time, which eliminates the waiting time for results.

3. Tedious manual work in accounts department.

As the industry is accelerating on the path of success, the transaction graph in the organization shoots up accordingly. This causes the pressure to increase significantly in the accounts and billing department.
All the transactions, billing, invoices are handled by the accounts team. So handling this work manually, proves to be a tedious job. Investing much time in these tasks, causes the other important tasks to be delayed.
Adopting an automation system will not only release you from the tedious manual work, but will also save lots of time and efforts. This saved time can be utilized for other tasks vital for the organization.
An automated system capable of managing all this hassle will be fruitful in this situation. A cloud based ERP turns out to be the best system you can trust, to solve this issue.

4. Management of contacts.

The most common error that an elevator industry comes across, is the improper management of contacts. Managing your contacts is an essential part of providing a satisfying customer service.
Customer satisfaction is vital for increasing revenue and persistent growth. Having a lack of attention in maintaining your contacts, will just take your growth graph down the chart.
A system capable of managing all your organization’s contact is necessary, to maintain smoothness in the process and obtain a surge in the company’s graph chart.
Managing contacts of employees, client’s and vendors is a must for any industry and is not limited to just the elevators and escalators industry. A cloud based ERP system is one such technology that can help you out in this process.

Understanding the root cause to the problems

All the above-mentioned challenges are to be solved with highest priority. If we don’t come up with a solution, it will deteriorate organization’s growth chart.
A cloud ERP system, provides you a 360-degree solution to all your inbound challenges. Market is flooded with many such systems, claiming to solve your problems without understanding the root cause to it. This systems can increase your workload instead of reducing it.
Chiefex doesn’t just provide you with the software, but a complete package that solves all your industry complexities. We understand the industry requirement and serve them the accurate solution along with the flawless software.
It’s an all-in-one application that prevents you from hopping from one application to another for your different tasks.
Chiefex is experienced in working with the elevator industry, therefore understands every need of the industry to serve them the required solution. Whatever may be your requirements, we are capable of executing and implementing it to your organization.

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