Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)

A simple solution to complex management

Information Technology (IT) is a vast and ever-growing industry that is known to deal with software services. Well, the term IT is familiar to us, though many might not be aware of the term ITES.

IT and ITES are different yet linked to each other or we can say these two goes along hand in hand.
The difference between the two is that, IT technology does the job of creating, storing, exchanging of information. It comprises of any technology that is utilized to deal with the information, such as hardware and software technology.
On the other hand, IT-enabled services also known as web-enabled services is a process of implementation of IT, to the entire range of operations taking place in the industries or businesses.

ITES is the outsourcing of processes that is combined with information technology aimed to reduce costs and promote better service.
This is a continuously developing field with innovations constantly flooding the market. So the competition associated with the field just keeps on increasing. This causes the organizations to absorb efficiency and sleekness in management and other aspects of the workflow.
Organizations in the ITES industry have to be very responsive to the complexity, tackling them intelligently with the right solution.
For the right solutions, you need to have the right system that manages your work efficiently. A management system is very necessary for the ITES industry to allure productivity without investing much time and effort.

An ERP is one such system that is capable of eliminating every management complexity of an ITES organization.
But before proceeding with the solution, one should understand the problems associated with the field.

Complications in an ITES industry

There are various sections of an ITES industry that needs improvement to witness a surge in its development.
Let us throw some light on those complications:

1. Contact management.

Managing contacts in any professional service industry is very important. If it’s an ITES industry, it’s even more vital.
For a business to grow persistently, it’s necessary to keep your clients happy. You can see a better and long-lasting relationship with customers through proper management of contacts.
Personalized interaction with customers is also part of the contact management that helps in the process of engagement.
An all-rounder system such as ERP will help you in this situation and will achieve increased productivity.

2. Lead management.

Managing leads prove to be a headache if you don’t have the right system and strategy applied to your business.
Using a management system helps you in achieving the required result. This helps you in acquiring leads, right from the inquiry stage which is the first step of the process.
A high-tech management system is very important to include in your organization otherwise, it can cause you to lose your lead.

3. Management of revenue and expenses.

ITES is a booming industry and with the growth of an organization, the surge in expenses and revenue is bound to happen. This load falls on the shoulder of the accounts and finance team, which can only be handled by a sleek management system.
An ample amount of time is invested in the management process, not to mention the persistent effort. This invested time and effort could be focussed on other important aspects, necessary to improve the growth of the organization.
An ERP system is a 360-degree solution to these complexities that increases the productivity of the organization.

4. Project management with real-time data.

Management of the project includes planning, executing, controlling and achieving a specific goal in a specific frame of time. The main hurdle while managing a project is that it has to be achieved in a limited time frame.
Not having access to the real-time data adds over to this problem of project management. Having real-time data makes the part of decision making, quick and easy.
Without real-time data, it takes days for the analyzed data to arrive, causing a delay in making decisions.
Adopting a management system makes this process much easier. ERP system is such a system that has automated management capabilities along with access to real-time data, helping you to avoid any last-minute hassle.

A simple solution to complex management

ITES industry is a booming industry and will just keep on growing with approaching time. With this increase, the need for management capabilities will also see rapid growth.
ERP is an exceptional management system that covers every need of the industry, infusing productivity to the organization.
This system provides real-time data along with remarkable management capabilities that change the complex management by a simple solution