Complete 360-degree management solution.

If we have to explain “trading” in simple terms, it can be defined as the buying or selling of goods and services between two or more individuals OR sometimes the exchange of the same.
Well, this was a simple definition and everyone must be aware of the terminology. But running a trading business is filled with a lot of challenges. It comprises of more than just selling and buying of products.
The trading industry is growing aggressively and the competition associated with it is also at its peak. This situation demands something that can carry the management load and help in providing a simplified solution.
A trader to serve their clients efficiently needs to monitor their marketing strategies in real-time. Understanding the business complexity and implementing changes based on this data is very vital.
The hack to mark success in the field of trading requires the right combination of tools and strategies. This combination determines the success rate of your business.
An automated business tool such as ERP justifies the solution for such an entangled mess, the trading business goes through. Chiefex is one such business tool that helps in solving the mess.

Complete 360-degree management solution

Chiefex is a complete management package that guides you throughout your trading journey.
It has exceptional management capabilities that boost an organization’s growth chart to a sky-high level.

Why Choose chiefex?

As mentioned earlier, the competition in the trading sector is on the rise. This situation needs a firm ERP solution with all the mentioned capabilities.
Every trading company is leaning to ERP technology and is very much in demand among the trading industry.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is like a magic wand, in the hands of SMEs. Managing every step of the workflow such as inventory assembly, inventory arrangement, tracking of inventory, delivery of products from one inventory to another and much more is now easy with chiefex, that too on a single platform.
Not only this, but it also provides a dynamic report analysis driving trading enterprises to take quick and effective decisions.
Managing contacts has never been easy for any organization, let it be alone for the trading industry. Chiefex proves to manage all your contacts just fine, simplifying your work even further.
Chiefex is build considering small and medium enterprises in mind, making it affordable to every organization, starting from small to mega-industry.
Well, it’s not wrong to say that chiefex is one such ERP solution that covers every aspect of a trading business proving it to be the best ERP solution.

Overview of management capabilities chiefex offers

1. Easy management of contacts.
2. Inventory management.
3. Supply-chain management.
4. Automation in operations.

5. Sales and purchase management.
6. Accounts and finance management.

7. Real-time insights.
8. Simple integration.
9. Marketing automation.
10.All-in-one application.