Is ERP a software only for Large Enterprises?

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Managing the enterprise with ERP is affordable than owning a smartphone

The race to become the best in the market has always been there among the enterprises.
The ever growing competition in the field pushes the industry to opt for the latest technologies for staying ahead in the race.
The technology we are talking about here is an ERP system, an exceptional business management solution capable of growing your business to indefinite heights.
It is basically an automated system that eliminates every complexity of your organization, boosting the overall productivity.
“A management system with such capabilities will make you believe it as an ‘expensive solution’ but it’s not so. In Fact, this effective management software comes at a very affordable price which is even less than owning a smartphone.”
ChiefEx has been designed in such a way that it fits the requirements of every industry and of any size very sleekly.

Is ERP a management software made for only large enterprises?

An ERP system is used by any industry that is stuck between different softwares for various tasks and wants to integrate it into a centralized system.
For managing customers, employees, billing and invoices activities, inventory and much more, one can rely on ERP system.
The ERP management solution is suitable for every industry irrespective of its size.
The statement “ERP is an expensive software and is used by only large enterprises .” is just a myth circulating in the market.

Why do SMEs need ERP software?

Small enterprises often face a situation where they are puzzled in diverting their investment for a greater return.
Management in SMEs are carried out manually in the starting part of the enterprise.
This directly causes delay in the decision making process of the enterprise which arises due to time taken for generating reports.
This delay may not feel much in the starting phase but will affect the workflow once the enterprise starts growing gradually.
Many enterprises opt for excel or spreadsheets and different softwares for managing their data.
This is due to the wrong perception of the organization that management solutions such as ERP are not in their reach.
This is a mere perception that holds them from investing in new technologies.
Infact, SMEs need to adopt the ERP management system for perpetual growth and to keep up with the competition in the market.

Signs that you are in need of an ERP system

    1. Uncontrolled manual processProcesses in the enterprise are manual and your data is at loose ends.Your valuable time is consumed in transferring files and also leaves the data exposed to errors.
    1. Unaware and confused of expansionBusiness is on the path of rigorous growth and you want to expand the business along with new market segments.Poor management measures restrict the vision making it difficult to make effective decisions.
    1. Unable to meet customers expectation.Well, poor management measures make it difficult to meet the customers demands and lead the business down the path of failure.Forecasting of customers demands plays a major role in this situation and managing the whole inventory.
  1. Unable to monitor finances.Liquidity and the cash flow in the organization needs to be monitored very closely or it leads to altercation in the supply chain and inventory processes and hinders the overall growth of the enterprise.

If you are experiencing any of the above signs then you need to opt for a ERP management software immediately.

Why are enterprises reluctant to opt for the ERP management system?

It’s a tough decision to select the right ERP system when you are surrounded by a number of options.
Also, enterprises tend to consider the example of the failed and expensive ERP system that holds them from taking the next step.
Many businesses suffer failure in ERP implementation inhibiting them from getting the required benefits out of the system.
The two main reasons behind the failure are:

    1. Lack of research on the system.
    1. Identifying pain points of the organization.

If one carries out a thorough R & D of the system, it will prevent failure and will also contribute immensely to the growth of enterprise.
The main reasons for enterprises reluctancy in opting an ERP system are:

  1. Fearing the change.Organizations are under the wrong impressions that change will lead to loss of time and resources.Access to information is the key to eliminate fear. When you are unaware of the information about why the change is taking place then fear will be inevitable for you.Also many are not sure if they need the ERP system now or any time in the near future.
    Therefore a complete study of the enterprise will eliminate your fear and help you in bringing the right change.
  2. Pricing.Managing costs is always the first priority of any enterprise as this directly adds to its revenue.As mentioned earlier many consider ERP to be an expensive software but in fact, ERP management software is more affordable than owning a smartphone.ERP efficiently manages every section thereby promoting growth and boosting the finance of the enterprise.
    ChiefEx provides you the ultimate management software at an affordable price. This makes the software suitable for even small and medium sized enterprises.