What is the right method to boost your team morale?

5 effective and proven ways to boost team morale 
Every enterprise or business works with full power and enthusiasm for seeing a tenacious jump in the growth chart and they are able to achieve it too.
But with time, these powers and enthusiasm seem to face a downfall.
This downfall is not always a result of the wrong strategies or planning in the business front but with the people responsible for the execution of strategies or planning.
The heart of every enterprise or business is the employees that keep it alive and running seamlessly.
Thus, it’s necessary that your employees always stay pumped up with power and enthusiasm all the way long in the sweeping business.
Enterprises or businesses cannot be successful until they are lacking a low team morale among the employees, no matter how much they spend on their other business activities.
To boost team morale, businesses need to come up with strategies that are focussed on the rejuvenation of their passion and energy making it fun and worthwhile for the employees.
Your team works with all their efforts in their work and at a point, their power and enthusiasm are squandered and thus they need some rejuvenation process.
So, let’s proceed further with the 5 effective and proven ways to boost team morale and start the rejuvenation process.

  • Implement a work and life balance

Failing to implement a work and life balance for your employees will be the ultimate downfall of your enterprise or business which no one wishes for.
In simple language, an enterprise that has usually a policy of keeping up employees for late hours work than the normal office hours will make them frustrated and also cause them to leave the job.
If you too are following the same futile policy then the action needs to be taken soon otherwise it will make your precious talented employees to quit the job soon.
Having a perfect balance between work and life for both you and your employees is the best way to make your business grow and also be sustainable in the long run.
Benefits of a perfect and work and life balance

  • A happy and fresh mood for the next day
  • More energy and enthusiasm for the work
  • More productivity at work
  • Dynamic work environment
  • Build trust with your team

As per the study reports of Slackhq, more than 87% of the employees want their enterprise to be completely transparent on every decision and what is going on within the organization.
Without having a trust factor between the employees and you, it will be a never ending journey for your business or enterprise towards success.
Your employees will be reluctant in sharing their thoughts and ideas or even giving their 100% at work, if they are clueless about the organization workflow and the decisions involved in it.
Transparency in conveying important decisions involved in the enterprise and the openness in the communication is very important or we can say a vital part of interacting with the team.
This way you can easily talk about organizational changes, new exciting opportunities and also impart certainty among the employees.
Implement this and it will make the employees feel valued of a bigger thing and their contribution benefits the business as a whole, making it grow prominently than just gaining individual skills as a perk.
Benefits of building trust with your team

  • Helps to boost team morale throughout the organization
  • Ability to work along the team rather than contributing individually
  • Reduces the time in discussions incorporating dynamic decisions
  • Interacting with employees outside the office hours

The best way to know your employees or team is interacting with them outside the office hours.
This makes the team comfortable in expressing things very fluently and you can share a healthy conversation that doesn’t include the office business talks.
How to interact with your employees outside the office hours?

  • Going for a lunch or dinner with your team
  • Arranging fun activities such as playing cricket, football, etc or any thing you can do as a team
  • Going for a picnic or an astonishing trip
  • Celebrating festivals together

Employees will open up more with these friendly socializing and also impart a sense of team playing among them.
Thus try out these awesome practices and experience a boost in team morale which will raise the overall productivity of the enterprise.

  • Never resent over a wrong move of your employees

We have seen many enterprises or businesses talk abruptly with their team of their mistakes or blunders which will do no good to them and neither help you get out of the situation.
It’s in human nature where he antagonizes the situation rather than finding the solution to it.
When you handle the situation in resentment it is about to go the counter of the way you want it to be headed towards.
Thus if you condemn your employees with a reprimand they are not gonna learn anything from it.
Instead they will be a little shattered by the experience and it will turn into a downfall of your team morale which will bring you no good and you wouldn’t want this to happen.
So, approach your employees with a calm tone and tell them that you appreciate their efforts and point out where they have gone wrong politely.
This will make them work harder and boost team morale which will affect the whole productivity in a positive manner.

  1. Small gestures matter and acts as a cherry on the top 

Everyone likes an hefty approbation once in a while which boosts their self-confidence and also contributes in shaping their personality as well.
Thus when you praise your employees once in a while with even small gestures such as saying them in-person or with a gift card that says 
“We appreciate your contribution, thank you for being a valuable part of our enterprise”
It makes them happy and only builds your relationship stronger with them and definitely boosts the team morale.
This small gesture of yours towards the employees counts and is very important for making your business sustainable in the long run.
Keeping the enthusiasm and energy meter of employees high along with a boost in team morale is a continuous process, rather than a one time effort.
It is a profound and wise investment that every business must make in the enterprise welfare policies for employees which is a very vital part in the journey of their business success. 
For the rest of your management needs you can rely on an automated business management system such as ChiefEx.
So these were the 5 simple yet effective methods that we use to boost team morale in our organization. 
Hope it works for you too.
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