How to operate business effectively amidst COVID-19 crisis?

Business continuity at the time of crisis

At this unprecedented time, the whole world is affected by the epidemic. The COVID-19 is a serious issue to the people, businesses and poses a major threat to the economies around the globe.

“The effect of this acute virus is faced by every business irrespective of the size or stature, and thus affects the country’s economy on its arrival.”

According to Gartner’s recent business activity, only 12% of the entrepreneurs are well prepared, 56% are somewhat prepared for handling the impact of the epidemic and 16% are severely affected by its impact.
Well, the truth is many enterprises even after preparing for such severe impacts are unsure about the future of their business.

Difficulties or challenges faced by an enterprise

The world is going through an epidemic right now which is a part of life and could appear anytime again in the future. To fight such a crisis, it’s necessary that we stay well prepared with effective strategies and emerge to be more stronger for the future.
The capability of an enterprise team for executing operations smoothly is more important than ever. As this is the time when the businesses ability to handle the impact and effectiveness of its recovery plans are tested.
The COVID-19 epidemic break out brings restrictions for travelling and thus making every employee to work remotely. Many business departments come to a halt or are severely disrupted from such crises.
The various business department that gets affected are a follows :

  • Accounts and Finance
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resources
  • Sales and customer relations
  • Procurement

Various multinational companies have to restructure their global operation management strategies. If enterprises need to run their operations smoothly after COVID-19, it’s become an important task to come up with a secure, dynamic and risk-free strategy.

How to operate business efficiently in a streamline manner?

The first step for a smooth and efficient operation is access to the workflow data, intelligence and various insights very instantly. With flexibility in the work functions and immediate response to the changes, enterprises can fight the global challenges very efficiently.
To achieve this absolute level of efficiency enterprises need to use a platform that serves your enterprise analytics, various automations and also remote working abilities.
ChiefEx Cloud ERP system is one such system for enterprises that provides the analytical data in real-time along with various automations for every process and automation to simplify it further.
The world is moving towards the digital phase rapidly and digital technologies being a common expectation of both your customers and for your business process.
Sustainability of a business depends upon its adapting ability with the latest technologies. The combination of human and digital technology helps you to automate the technology by just feeding necessary information with an precise collaboration between every department.
We would recommend enterprises to follow the mentioned steps immediately:

  • Make a plan for ensuring the employees safety and well-being.
  • Prioritize which process needs to be done first and then set a remote workforce.
  • Strategize a customer-oriented long term sustainable plan.

We agree that the work culture for every enterprise may differ but there is a standard approach which we can implement at the time of crisis considering both employees and business functions.
Assemble a focussed team that can make swift decisions for operating the business in a streamline and efficient manner. Once you are done with assembling the team proceed with the following steps.

Steps for operating business seamlessly

Organize a Flexible work culture

In such an untimely crisis being motivated, calm and focused should be the aim of every enterprise and thus should be encouraged throughout. Work should be continued in a collaborative manner with the help of top workers trained with every digital capabilities.
This will be the crucial time for identifying new business strategies, approach and develop an enhanced business environment.
COVID-19 is not the first epidemic that has impacted the globe and will not be the last one. It’s important that we stay prepared and also develop to get better along the way.
This will be contributing in enhancing ourselves and adapting a better understanding of the situation and will prepare us for the future incidents.

A sleek business process model

For an interruption free work environment, organizations should be equipped with the latest technology that can hold the data securely and also integrated with the modern cloud system.
The investments made on the technology and its framework now will be boosting the efficiency and also ensure fluidity throughout the organisation. Carrying out tasks from any remote locations will be a new normal for the enterprise along with the privacy and flexibility norms.
The new business model will ensure that every department is working efficiently and fluently with ease in coordination. Also working on a global level will not be a problem anymore making the business a global success.

Implement an automated working system

An automated management system will be the key to a sustainable business, and also will spare ample of time for the enterprise to develop and build a strategy for a smooth business now and in the long run.
The system will provide the business a hand-on to real-time insights and also an analytical report, paving the way for a simple management environment.
An automated management system is quite scalable for the business as it takes the maximum workload of the business and makes time for concentrating on the complex issues of the enterprise.
Well, the automated system will not eliminate the impact of the epidemic on the business but will surely ease your way out of the economic crisis.
Thus, ChiefEx Cloud ERP system aims to simplify the management process of the businesses so they can plan and strategize new business models and solutions while emerging out of the current epidemic.
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