Key indicators that you need a new ERP system for your business

Change from traditional ERP to modern ERP system

The term ERP is dated back from the year 1960 where back then it was just used for managing the inventory and manufacturing sector and also was known as MRP then, which means Material Requirement Planning.
As the time progressed, technology also escalated towards the massive growing path and thus various developments were made in the MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software for
making it a ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
With these developments the software was now not limited to the manufacturing industry and was able to provide a smooth management experience to other industries as well.
Enterprise Resource Planning software was enhanced further with many advancements making it a necessary tool for every enterprise. At present ERP is much advanced and is integrated with the cloud feature that makes it easier to implement as well as use it with much simplicity.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”

– Ruport Murdoch, Founder, News Corporation

For being top in the game, it’s very crucial for enterprises to progress and make advancements for achieving greater efficiency and productivity in the workflow.
Considering the market scenario achieving results requires a modern Cloud ERP system as it cannot be achieved with the traditional ERP systems.
For example, in an education system as you progress with every grade the books you used to pass the exam are not of previous grade, it has to be of that particular grade for escalating to the next grade.
Similarly for tackling the modern problems of businesses we cannot rely on the old methods used in the traditional ERP for swift and efficient results.

Key indicators that you need an upgrade from your ERP system

  1. The ERP is not Cloud integrated

    If your ERP is not cloud based you should change it right away as you are missing many features that will be beneficial for the enterprise efficiency and productivity. You can have a detailed look on how Cloud ERP is different from that of On-premise ERP here.
    The key benefits of Cloud ERP are :

    • Single platform for various tasks
    • Swift collaboration across various departments
    • No Need of any IT staff
    • Many add-on features

    These features are alone of magnificent capabilities for the business growth but there are more that will be mentioned in the following topics.

  2. The system lacks the features that meet industry compliance standards

    There are many companies who use the so called ERP management solution which are not even industry standard compliance.
    ERP vendors try to sell their management software on the basis of various features that serve as a mere attraction rather than actually helping the organization. The ERP system must have features as per the industry compliance standards or it will not be of much use to the enterprise.
    If your ERP system fails to support the modern technologies such as detailed analytics, then your competitors will be at advantage.

  3. The data cannot be accessed remotely

    No remote access to the data causes an interruption while communicating between various departments and thus affects the time management as major time is consumed in transferring data from one department to another.
    Outdated ERP faces such problems that hold back the enterprise from being mobile and deliver its full efficiency. A remote accessibility not only ensures a continuous flow in the work processes but also boosts efficiency and productivity.

  4. Manual process even after implementation

    Implementation of ERP is done for the sole purpose of making things simpler for the organization and also in a systematic manner. But even after implementing ERP software work processes are not automated, so it’s a trigger for changing or upgrading the system.
    Outdated ERP systems consume a lot of time in its manual processes, costing the company a huge lump sum affecting the financial stability. This will also affect directly in your sales as a result of delay in your delivery leading towards the downfall of your growth chart.

Upgrade to the ChiefEx modern Cloud ERP system

As stated, an outdated ERP system causes more loss than benefits and thus should immediately be upgraded with a modern system.
ChiefEx Cloud ERP system is a 360 degree management solution that caters to every complexity of an organization and thus raises the overall growth chart of the enterprise with a sleek time management, increase in efficiency and productivity.
Upgrade your system and experience the difference in the organization.
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