Technology and innovations

Why SMEs should stay updated on the advanced technologies in the market?


The augmentation of technology has transformed the way we operate and manage our business.

Even the environment that we work in is equipped with the latest and advanced technologies that make our process not only simpler but also more efficient.

Now, does that mean you need to adopt every latest advanced technology that lands in the market?


5 Key Business Points to learn From This COVID-19 Pandemic (For every entrepreneur.)

It has been almost a year since this COVID-19 pandemic entered our lives and the impact of which is visible on both the professional as well as the business side, as we all know it.

Specifically, talking about the business side around the world, many industries have been going through a tough ride in this global crisis.

Organizations had to make harsh decisions and modify their strategic planning (even the ones that have been already been planned and were ready for execution) from the roots.

Business management

Simple ways to make your business more data-driven

Every human around the world is sailing in the vast ocean of data. It can be in the form of simple emails, videos, blogs, data related to your businesses, and the list goes on.

You are exposed to it every second of your day, right from when you are born. 

You might also find it amusing that an individual creates 1.7 MB of data/second

If we talk about humans around the world, the number is even higher i.e 2.5 quintillion bytes of data/day and it is expected to increase further in the coming years. 

Technology and innovations

Modern business approach: A simple guide for transforming your enterprise digitally

Businesses from every sector are undergoing various transformations that are not only necessary for growth but vital for survival in this uncertain brutal market.

These changes or transformations are aligned with the organization’s performance as well as the services offered to the customers.

The major part of the transformation is the flow of modern business technology in the market that is bringing a shift in the operating pattern of the businesses

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Business cash flow management – 8 proven techniques for boosting your revenue

In an entrepreneurial business journey, more than anything else, efficient business cash flow management has to be on top of your priority list. A steady cash flow streaming through your enterprise keeps the business running smoothly without any hassle and thus promoting growth.

Businesses that are delivering high-grade performance always keep their cash flow in check. They monitor their cash flow at a timely interval that can be every week or every month as per the enterprise business norms.

So, what is the cash flow that we are talking about here? And why is it so important?


Data analytics VS Business analytics VS Data science

Which business path is best for your enterprise?

Today every business around the world is data-driven. Businesses are exploiting the data to extract crucial information that impacts their business outcomes optimally.

But to get your hands on the right data from the whole large pile is sometimes quite intimidating and requires deft knowledge as well as skills to execute the process properly.

There are various strategies, tools, resources that you might come across and it is also overwhelming to come across it once.

ERP Technology and innovations

Important elements of a successful CRM software

We are living in a digital era where everything in our day-to-day lives relies on some kind of smart technology. These technologies improve productivity as well as boosts our comfort level in whatever tasks we perform, resulting in higher efficiency.

Especially when you are running a business, the use of such technology gives you an extra push by fast-tracking the workflow and delivering the required result precisely.

But instead of using such technologies, many enterprises still depend on old trivial methods that slow down the process and not to mention it comes with various errors. 


A successful entrepreneur’s journey

 14 important factors you need to remember 

The feeling of freedom when you own a business and watch it grow yourself cannot be matched in a 9 – 5 corporate job. 

It can only be experienced when you are a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs have the liberty to make their own decisions, follow their own vision, create the product or service they like, follow their passion and lead a better life.

So, is it necessary to have a bright ingenious mind like Einstein? 


Possess an inherent talent to start with the entrepreneurial journey?

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Strategic development process – For emerging and vibrant entrepreneurs

 Entrepreneurship is the journey of creating something new or innovative by investing time, efforts, finance, and also managing the risks associated with it for achieving better outcomes.

The product or service you offer to the audience, need not necessarily be new but has to provide a distinct value to the users against the many options available in the market.

To achieve entrepreneurial success, you have to know everything right from the detailed knowledge about the domain you are initiating your journey, systematic plan or approach towards the goal and objectives you want to achieve, and such other crucial factors.

Business management Entrepreneurship

Risk management process – A structured and definite approach towards business uncertainty

The risk management process is a vital part of every growing enterprise that helps them to sail smoothly in the sea of business uncertainty, and take care of the hurdles that fall in the way.

If we go by the definition of risk management,
It all starts with identifying the risks, evaluating the risks, and prioritizing the risks as per the severity of the impact, it can cause the business workflow. 

The process is followed by accumulating the right resources and software for eliminating or reducing the effect of the impact of the probable unfortunate occurrence to a minimal level.