How to operate business effectively amidst COVID-19 crisis?

Business continuity at the time of crisis. At this unprecedented time, the whole world is affected by the epidemic. The COVID-19 is a serious issue to the people, businesses and poses a major threat to the economies around the globe. The effect of this acute virus is faced by every business irrespective of the size or stature, and thus affects the country’s economy on its arrival.

Upgrade your business with the invoice automation

Eliminating the manual process of invoice and Billings. Implementing a sense of ease in the workflow with increased productivity can be considered as the common goal of every enterprise or business, irrespective of the domain. This could be interpreted as saving time, being cost effective, boosting the efficiency or all of the above.The present scenario of the market demands a dynamic workflow with increased efficiency.

A survival guide for business at the time of uncertain crisis

Untimely crisis heading the businesses towards uncertainty. In the present era, Industries around the world are struggling in the wave of uncertainty. Global economy is also being slowed down with its effect and the business owners are exposed to subtle changes in their organization. Though every enterprise is being affected with this untimely crisis, Small and Medium enterprises are the ones that are most prone to this uncertainty.

Mistakes to avoid while Enterprise Resource Planning

For simplifying the enterprise workflow and also reducing the manual labour invested in it, one needs to bring their focus on Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise Resource Planning is a sleek method for managing and untying various knots, tangles in the business helping it to flourish swiftly.

Cloud ERP – A necessity for E-Commerce company

E-commerce enterprises need management solution now more than ever. The domain of E-commerce has seen a massive growth in the past few years and will be blooming further in the coming years. Selling or buying things through a digital medium requires a proper management system and is the most prominent thing that comes in this scenario.

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The Art Of Lead Management

What does the term “Lead Management” imply? In the phase of growth and development, every business or enterprise is bound to face a common situation, where they start receiving a number of inquiries or leads more than the handling capacity of the enterprise. In this situation, we need to adapt proper steps for the management of leads. In simple words, the “Lead Management” is nothing but the ability to handle any number of leads spontaneously and smoothly.